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  • 'PRAYAAS Ek Koshish Har Dil Se' a Non Profit Organisation (NGO) is working Since January 2011 with an object 'SERVE THE SOCIETY', specially the weaker section.
  • 'PRAYAAS Ek Koshish Har Dil Se' got registered under Indian Trust Act on 29/06/2016 Having Registration Number - 190303921/2016

We, at the PRAYAAS - Ek Koshish Har Dil Se, believe that sharing is the best way of living.

Our organization is based on theme of bringing smile on the face of children who are the future of our nation. The Team 'PRAYAAS - Ek Koshish Har Dil Se' is a noble and holy idea that generates from the heart of young blossoms mainly students, youth and professional persons of our society. We hope to establish and make children self-sufficient so that they can overcome the trauma of the past.

The Objects for which the Trust is established are education, relief of the poor, help to needy, medical relief and advancement of other general public utility not involving the carrying on of activity for profit. The formality of the Trust for the purposes formed is:

  • To support, establish, maintain and grant aid or other financial assistance to Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Lecture Halls, Museum and Other Establishments and institutions for the development of education of and diffusion of knowledge in Art, Science, Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.
  • To grant Scholarships, stipends, prizes, rewards and allowances or other financial assistance to needy students.
  • To establish, maintain or grant aid or other financial assistance to Hospital, Nursing Homes, Maternity Homes, and Clinics, Charitable Dispensary, Sanatorium and other establishments for giving medical relief to the poor, sick and infirm people.
  • To grant relief on occasion of famine, earthquake, flood and other occasions of calamities of similar nature and to give donations, subscriptions and contributions to Institutions, Establishments or persons doing such reliefwork.
  • To establish and maintain homes for poor, orphanages or other establishments for relief of and to give help to the poor and destitute people, orphans and widows and otherwise provide for them.
  • And generally for charitable purposes for the Public benefit without distinction of caste, creed and nationality.

Your Contribution Can Change Children's Lives


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  • PRAYAAS Ek Koshish Har Dil Se
  • 126 M.G Road, Kolkata - 700007
    West Bengal, India
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